New Car Alternative Found in a Used Kia in Albuquerque NM Prevails

There is no doubt the finer things in life include that new car smell and an odometer with less than ten miles, but those luxuries do not accompany all budgets. A used Kia in Albuquerque NM rolls in as a viable solution for those seeking a more fiscally conservative approach to reliable transportation and ownership. Whether the selection desired is a car or SUV, Fiesta Kia provides multiple options in packages, accessories, and colors that can jump-start that feeling of car-buying pride. A simple visit to the spacious lot reveals an answer for every driving personality.

Catering to the Four Door Enthusiasts

Those succumbing to tradition and history can find yesteryear family travel with a used car in Albuquerque NM. While the SUV commands the road, a peaceful journey can also be had in the Forte and Optima. A quick trip to the dealership or an even speedier search on the website shows an impeccable selection of both. Fiesta offers a wide range of Fortes with six-speed transmissions while boasting mileage counts under 100,000 miles. Those looking for some flash to accompany the traditional four-door look can find it in an assortment of Optimas with sport rims and lavish chrome finishes. With each selection made, Fiesta packs a guarantee with its certified used designation, bringing confidence and reliability to each vehicle that exits the lot.

Used Kia in Albuquerque NM: SUV Utopia

While Kia produces some of the most reliable cars on the roadways, their SUVs reign in the same regard. Potential buyers have the luxury to search a plethora of various-sized Kia SUVs in the greater Albuquerque area. Those seeking small and sporty can find the answer in the Sportage, while those seeking the biggest of the bunch find satisfaction in the Telluride. Each Kia SUV variation brings comfort, style, space, and technological advancement to anyone purchasing.




Fiesta strives to ensure ease and efficiency with each purchase made. Attempting to streamline the process, the dealership offers an intelligent finance application process. Instead of motoring down to the dealership, potential buyers can utilize the application tool found on the Fiesta Kia website. With a couple of clicks and a portion of information, the application process is initiated with no pain. This allows more attention to be directed at what is essential, including selecting that perfect used Kia waiting to be driven to its new home.

Specials for the Special Buyer

We continually see the ads used to crowd citizens through the doors to purchase new vehicles. Fiesta wishes to make all its buyers feel special, even those looking to drive home in a used car. As a result, the dealership offers specials on pricing to bring the very best to its customers and make dreams come true. Those searching for a used Kia can determine before visiting the dealership if the right deal is available by simply visiting the website to see what is offered. Kia makes efficiency a critical factor in every search, find and purchase scenario. To learn more about the used car offerings, contact Fiesta Kia at 7400 Lomas Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87110.